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When I look at the calendar it's been 7 long months since we've been on the water here in Minnesota. In between, we've been cross country skiing on the ice down the slalom course! In the past few weeks since the lakes opened we've heard from many hard cores including lots of Gekko owners who are anxious to get at it on a regular basis.

Gekko Ambassador David Gee was on the water just days after the ice went out. David's a slalom freak who also loves to surf and has his GTR 22 set up to quickly switch back and forth depending upon the wind or desire. It's a great reminder of Gekko's versatility.

There are a growing number of Gekko dealers across North America where new 2015 boats are available to see and drive, and just last week we shipped boats to new dealers in the US and Canada. We look forward to turning lots of new people and families on to Gekko as the warmer weather finally sets in.

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