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Here's a brand new REVO 6.7 at the Houston show where the Nautic Group is all set for a big weekend. We're off to a great start for 2015. The Gekko team continues to grow as we count more dealers every month. The early indications from the shows are very strong with Gekko sales already reported across the country. The combination of cool graphics, equipment, styling and appeal are winning. Gekko buyers even get roadside assistance 24/7/365 at no charge so they're covered off the water too. These 2015 Gekkos are the best yet.

Last week it was -5º but we were on the Mississippi testing boats, reaffirming our commitment to doing it right. It was cold but exciting as these test drives confirm that the new boats work well and never fail to produce results on the water. 2015 promises to be a big year.

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